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Central Wabash Archaeology Chapter Visit the organizations website by clicking here:   http://wabasharchaeology.weebly.com/home.html
  Central Wabash Archaeology Chapter Presentation
  Central Wabash Archaeology Chapter Artifacts
Churches in Crawford County  
  Church in Crawford County
  Church 2
Flat Rock School Children
Photo Submitted by Ruth McDaniel
Flat Rock School Children
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Hutson Cabins Hutson Cabins
Lincoln Trail Vincennes Lincoln Trail Memorial at Vincennes Route 33
Robinson Daily News To visit the organizations website, click here:   http://robdailynews.com/
Robinson Daily News I Remember When
Robinson High School  
  Robinson High School Gymnasium
Robinson Football Team
Photo submitted by Ruth McDaniel
RHS vs. PHS Football
  Robinson Santa's Hut
  Robinson Park tree sculpture
The following school photos submitted by Ruth McDaniel One Rm Schoolhouse
Adams Schoolhouse Adams School
Buncombe Schoolhouse Buncombe Schoolhouse
Cannon Schoolhouse Cannon Schoolhouse
Cannon School Students
Cannon school students
Centennial Schoolhouse Centennial Schoolhouse
Excelsior Schoolhouse Excelsior Schoolhouse
Heathsville School   

Front Row: Charles Adams, Ronnie Ducharme, Kay Bryans,
Wayne Preston, Barbara Matheny, Karen Preston,
Sandy Goodwin, Frank Philippe, Pam Buntin, Wayne Illyes

Middle Row: Sam Parker, Jim Kent, Carolyn Matheny,
Joan Goodwin, Barbara Kent, Dorothy Graham,
Linda Ducharme, Rochelle Tohill, Lawrence Parker

Back Row: Carol Sue Maddox- Teacher, Barbara Ducharme,
Paul Dresser, Mary Margaret McCarter, Mary Ann Lackey,
Sue Ann Bryans, Earl Powden, Cheryll Beckes, Patsy Hughes,
Mable Parsons, Dorothy Matheny 
Heathsville Students 1951-52 
Heathsville Students
Front Row: Jim Woodward, Frank Philippe,
Wayne Illyes, Wayne Preston, Sam Parker,
Ronnie Ducharme, Charles Adams

Middle Row: Mary Margaret McCarter, Pam Buntin, Darla Morrison,
Wilma Kent, Shirley Newell, Vicky Miller,
Edna Woodward, Dorothy Matheny, Francie Bryans, Barbara Ducharme, Cheryll Beckes

Back Row: Kathryn Neeley- Teacher, Patsy Hughes, Rochelle Tohill, Barbara Matheny, Kathryn Decker, Frances Woodward, Joan Goodwin, Sandy Goodwin, Kay Bryans
Heathsville Students
Higgins Schoolhouse Higgins Schoolhouse
Hills School

Back Row: Charles Fred Richey, Doris Welsch, Fern Fuller, Roscoe Tincher, Naomi Crews, Gene Barrick, Herman Tincher, Reid McCrillis, ?.

Front Row: Eugene Tincher, Betty Cannon, Wilma Fox, Nina Garrard, Marjorie Dauwalder, Wendell Nethery, Lucille Fuller, Neil Fox, Alice Tincher, Paula Fox.
Hills School Students 1931-32
Hope Schoolhouse Hope Schoolhouse
LaMotte Schoolhouse LaMotte Schoolhouse
LaMotte Prairie Schoolhouse LaMotte Praire Schoolhouse
Look Out Schoolhouse Look Out Schoolhouse
McKibbon Schoolhouse McKibbon Schoolhouse
McKibbon School Students McKibbon School Students 
Meskimen School
District No. 19

Meskimen School 1888
"Seventy or more years ago, [article dated June 14,1962] few pupils of the rural districts had the opportunity of attending a high school or a college.  Many of them attended their rural schools, as they were privileged to do, until they were twenty-one years of age.  The older boys started in the fall when the farm work was over.  Often a man teacher was employed to teach a winter term of six months, which was followed by a two months spring term--often taught by a girl beginning teacher at a salary of eighteen or twenty dollars per onth-- for the benefit of the smaller pupils.  Ira Bussard taught the Meskimen school for seversl terms at what was then a top salary of forty dollars per onth.  In the pictur: (In parantheses, names after marriage) Next to woodpile, larger pupils: Albert Cooper, Ira Shafer, Eva Swan (Mc-Gahey), Evertt Jones, Clara McCoy, Orville Jones, Irene Cooper (McConnell), Will Thompson, Lew Mesldmen.
First Row, Little People: Louella Winter (Maxwell), Roy Winter, Maude Weger (Oalters), Stella Higgins (Treadway), Frank McCoy, Clyde Swan (Shafer), Mary Begg (Kinney), Oliver Shafer, Bosworth Mills.
Middle Row: Eva Newman, Ellen Jones, Minnie Winter, Eva Begg (Espey), Irene Swan (Stevens), Harry Cooper, Frank Thompson. On chair, Teacher, Ira Bussard.
Back Row: Elsie Swan (McGahey), Edgar Winter, Elsie Begg, Loretta McCoy (Scott), Eliza Swan (Duncan), Rosa Garrard (Brashears), May Winter, Emma Thompson, Martha Weger (Davis), in front of window, right, Fred Mesldmen, by tree, Robert Thompson.  Picture courtesy of Cynthia Ellen Jones." 
The Robinson Argus Newspaper, June 14,1962
Meskimen School Students
Meskiman School Students 1908
"This excellent picture is reproduced through the courtesy of Mrs. Madelin Hout, former well known columnist for the Argus, who obtained it from Mrs. mary Climer of Palestine.  Pictured are:
4th Row: Ralph Mills, Nellie Sinclair, Elsie Higgins, Paul Jones, Wm. Jones.
3rd Row: Lena Mills, Lola Purcell, Mae King, teacher, Clarence Higgins, Florence Mills.
2nd Row: Loy Rich, Dave Higgins, Mary Mail, Ida Garrard, Leona Hout, John Mail, Millie Hout.
1st Row:  Lida McCoy, Wilbur Purcell, Opal Higgins, Ruby Higgins, Pearley Purcell, Lilly Mail, Willie Hout.
The slate held by Opal and Ruby Higgins shows the date to be December 17, 1908."
The Robinson Argus Newspaper
Mills Schoolhouse Mills Schoolhouse
Montgomery School Students
Teacher: Fred Miller
Montgomery School Students
Moren Schoolhouse Remains Moren Schoolhouse Remains
Oak Grove Schoolhouse Oak Grove Schoolhouse
Rich Woods School Richwoods Schoolhouse
Rich Woods School Students
Rich Woods Schoolhouse Students 1914  Richwood Schoolhouse Students 1914
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